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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's New at ManderlyRose?

I have been on a voyage of self-discovery. Where should I be focusing my energy? What am I good at? What do I enjoy?

I tell people that I'm searching for my bliss. That usually gets a few eyebrow raises. None-the-less, I've continued on my path, with hills and plataues.

Have I found my way? I have found an interesting path for now, and I'm good with that.

A week or so back I was in my comfort zone, doing the same ole same ole. Then I had an experience that shook things up. I decided the lemons needed to be lemonade, and took the opportunity to find a positive in the chaos. I decided it was the kick in the pants I needed to move om to the next step.

I am developing more sewing patterns. I am working on things like branding, identity, prototypes, writing, the list goes on. It's fun for me to see the idea in my head, figure out how to make it, then write it in a way that others can create. So rewarding!

Once I have things buttoned up, I will work on distribution options. I have had great feedback from my limited marketplace on both my patterns and designs. I have been encouraged to sell my designs outright as well. So there is a lot around distribution that I need to figure out.

The internet opens distribution doors that reach so much further than your favorite fabric shop. Places like Etsy and Artfire make it easy. Using vehicles like Twitter and Facebook for marketing intrigues me, even though I've not joined the FaceBook revolution as of yet. I need to figure that out too.

So keep an eye out. I will be posting more frequently. Some posts may still be about my crazy kitties, I just can't help myself! I can not create without them. Even now, Cleo is lying next to me on the sofa, my favorite blanket clutched in her paws, snoring...Max is chasing an invisible fly...Sophia Loren is hiding under the bench. Yes, I may still be meandering life's path searching for my bliss, but some things never change.

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