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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kitty Update!

What have the kitties been up to? Well...

Sophia Loren has moved out of the bedroom closet! She now lives behind a stack of books under a table in the living room. It appears to be her way of being close by me. She is standing up to Max and Cleo a little more each day. She still hates them.

Last night she came out and meowed until I petted her. She stood on the floor in front of the couch for an hour like this. Max and Cleo went nuts, but she would not move. So funny!

Max ignores SL's existence, unless she gets within a foot of him. Then he growls like a bobcat. Siamese have the most interesting voices. She in turn growls and hisses back.

Max likes to lay blocking the food and water from Cleo and SL. He's such a moody little guy! Little, ya right, all 20 pounds of him. Every day he demands to lay on me, "clean" my face, and nap. So sweet!

Cleo continues to be the happiest cat in the world. Not a lot phases her. Except of course Sophia Loren. She chases and pounces her every chance she gets. A few times a week I catch them swinging from the rattan blinds in the bedroom, one on each side, trying to attack the other. The blinds are shot, but hey, keeps them busy.

Right now they are all asleep, looking like perfect angels. Like that will last...

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