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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Adventures of Cleo, the Happiest Cat In the World

Cleo has a definite morning routine. Most days it goes like this:

Start Time, between 7 and 8am... Wake up, come bounding out to find me, hop across me (on sofa) to get to the window, look outside a while. Hop back across, eat, drink, cover the food dish so no one else can eat. Jump up and lay next to me for petting and chin scratches. Jump down, dash to bedroom to see if Sophia Loren, the new little kitty, is still there. Terrorize her a little, get bored, begin running room to room, preferably in figure 8's. If Max happens to be in the path, she just plows him down. She jumps and attaches herself to side of long bench, and runs across it (on the side!) as a means of entering/exiting the living room. This goes on a while... When she gets bores, she follows me to the bathroom, plays in tub, steals toilet paper, rolls on my shoes, and finally collapses with exhaustion on the bathroom floor until I get in the shower.

One morning I had left the bathroom, missing the whole playing with shoes and passing out part. Apparently she chose to take her morning nap in the bathtub. I walked back into the bathroom and hear loud, echoing purring. I pulled back the shower curtain and there she was...

She was on her back, completely stretched out with her back legs straight out behind her, her front legs, curled, up in the air. Her eyes were closed, and well, if not for the purring, I'd have thought she was dead!

I spoke her name, she opened her eyes, turned her head slightly, meowed, and went right back into death position.

She is by far the happiest cat I've ever met.

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